How to wash a down comforter?

wash-down-comforterA full goose down comforter brings the feeling of warmth, downiness, coziness to your bedroom during harsh winter. However, it’s not an easy task when it comes to laundering this fluffy luxury bedding stuff due to the delicacy of goose down material. The down comforter manufacturer advises their users to wash the product solely once every three to five years because the oil of down feathers will be dissolved while washing, which means the reduction of efficiency. In pursuance of getting the best washing results, we wrote this article to instruct you steps by steps the proper way to clean down comforter. Before getting into details, let’s find and save ideas about best down comforter.

Washing method

Step 1: In order to preclude down feathers from leaking during washing time, it’s important to fix all of worn stitching or holes before putting it to the washing machine.

Step 2: Most of comforters are manufactured in queen or king size. In other words, these duvets are too overloaded for the household washing machine. To deal with this problem, bring the quilts to the pubic laundromat where you will find the large capacity front-loading washing machines. In case there’s no front-loading ones, then a top-loading without agitator would be helpful in this situation.

Step 3: Classify the stains in order to make the wise choice for the right detergent. For example: the stubborn stains such as blood or urine will be eliminated by an enzymatic cleaner. Otherwise, water or food stains will be kicked out by a color-safe bleach. Remove the duvet cover which needs a regular laundry. Then put the core to the washing machine after spot-treating stains to reduce damages of cleaning product.

Step 4: Tie some socks with a tennis ball inside each sock. Then put them into the washing machine with the aim of avoiding the comforter from bunching up as well as agitating soil.

Step 5: Turn on and set the washing machine in the gentle and delicate mode. Apply the minimum amount of the most subtle detergent and tepid water. Make sure you add one more rinse cycle to completely remove all the soap from the down duvet.

Notice: Don’t worry if you smell a weird odor coming from the comforter when it’s wet. This odor will disappear as soon as the duvet dries.

Drying process

Step 1: Again, you will need a dryer from a laundromat to complete this task. You will need a large dryer in order to give the quilt enough space to fluff. Use the tennis ball socks to prevent the down comforter from bunching up.

Step 2: Turn on the dryer with air fluff or lowest temperature setting. Periodically turn the dryer into sleeping mode in order to break up all the lumps appearing. Always make sure that the temperature is always maintained at lowest level possible. It may take from 3 to 4 hours to finish the drying process. We should warn you the danger of mildew if there is still moisture left inside the comforter. Make sure the item must be completely dry before storing it.