How to store a down comforter?

store-down-comforterUses interchangeably for winter blanket, a down comforter plays a vitae role in keeping our sleep restful. Nothing more peaceful and happier than cuddling up together under a fluffy, feathery, cozy warm quilt during harsh winter. This luxury bedding stuff also saves thousands of dollars when reducing some temperature units on the thermostat. Thanks to these great benefits, it’s necessary to learn the guide to picking the best down duvet, how to store it properly for multiple next upcoming winters. In this article, we are going to show you the proper way to prolong the lifetime of your quilt by storing it.

Down comforter storing instruction

Firstly, take any cover off from your duvet. A down comforter usually has a cover in order to prevent the feathers or down from leak, as well as keeping the comforter clean. Put the cover in the washing machine and dry it naturally. You can use a garment steamer to remove any wrinkles available. Then keep the cover separately from the quilt.

Secondly, clean the down comforter before storing it. However, because down is a delicate material so the launder should take place in case needed. If your duvet has no cover, you should launder it no matter what. Experts recommend down duvet users should launder their product once every five years. The reason behind this advice is each time laundering, the efficiency of the down will be decreased on account of the dissolution of feathers oil. Make sure you use a non-agitator washing machine and gentle detergent when washing the duvet.

Together with the development of garment industry, scientists have successfully invented a down alternative material which permits its users to wash it multiple times by machine. Moreover, this new material gives us the same cozy feeling as sleeping under a genuine goose down comforter but with much lower price. Specially, the longevity of this anti-allergic material is much longer than a genuine one. Therefore, we highly recommend you to purchase a goose down alternative comforter instead of splurging hundreds of dollars on a fully down duvet.

Dry the duvet completely with a large dryer with low-medium heat setting. Tie up several white socks, each with a tennis ball inside. Put them into the dryer together with the duvet in order to prevent it from bunching up. The drying process may take up to several hours.

Prepare a king-sized breathable cotton to wrap the duvet up if you lost the specialized cotton storage bag which you received when you bought the product at the store. One rule of thumb to keep in mind is never store a down comforter with a plastic bag to prevent the moisture, or worse, mildew built up inside the bag.

Put the bag in a dried place with good ventilation such as a wooden closet. Make sure there’s nothing on it to avoid crushing down feather. Crushed down feather will lead to the reduction of efficiency of the whole down duvet.