European Down Comforter Review

european-down-comforter-review“Sleeping is nice. You forget about everything for a little while” – This quote is absolutely right, no matter how stressful, tired, anxious or worried you are, a good sleep kicks them all. For some, this is the happiest moment during a day. Therefore, let’s make the most of it right away with a warm, cozy, fluffy and downy goose down comforter. Not only help you sleep well during harsh winter, this luxury bedding stuff also saves a windfall of at least 10% of your yearly electric bill by reducing some degrees on the thermostat. There is a wide range of down quilts available on the market which suit a vast variety of different consumers’ needs. In case your budget is tight, a goose down alternative duvet is a wise choice thanks to its pre-eminent features such as the similar insulation to naturally down duvet, plus the hypo-allergenic ability and its laundry friendliness. Otherwise, a 100% natural goose down quilt will bring you the sense of royalty and extravagance.

In this article, we will give you an intricate review of one of the best 100% natural goose down comforters which is the Pacific Coast Luxury Down Comforter.

Pros & Cons of Pacific Coast European Down Comforter


  • Firstly, the material used within the comforter is very rare and outstanding which is the well-known Pyrenees Down that you only find on the frozen Pyrenees Mountain region located at France. This material has earned good reputation as exceptional insulation. The best part of this comforter is that you can use it throughout the year, despite the hot weather outside your room.
  • Secondly, remarkable 650 fill power makes the comforter fluffier, larger and strengthen its insulation ability. For further information, fill power is the measure of how fluffy a comforter is. The higher the fill power the more insulating the duvet will be. This measurement ranges from 300 to 900. Some of the rare and exceptional down of Muscovy duck can make fill power higher than that limit.
  • Thirdly, Pacific Coast is well-known for its unique Hyperclean feature. All of the down and feathers of this manufacturer are carefully thoroughly washes and rinses up to 8 times in order to get rid of all of the dust, dirt, stains and allergens. You will certainly receive solely clean, fluffy and downy down as well as feathers.
  • Fourthly, beside its unique Comfort Lock no-shift designs, this comforter is well sewn based on true Baffle Box design which will preclude down and feathers from shifting.
  • Fifthly, thank to the 420 Thread Count Egyptian cotton Barrier Weave fabric, the likelihood of down leak will be definitely minimized. Moreover, the proprietary Barrier Weave fabric is a very special and unusual weave that is firmly woven as well as accomplished to be leakproof 3 times better.


  • The baffle box dimension is quite large so the down distribution within a box is not firmly fixed.
  • Not available for king size bed.
  • Quite pricey.
  • Don’t have the corner ties in order to fix the item firmly to the mattress.

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