Have the Best Down Feather Comforters for Your Home

best-down-feather-quiltWinter is coming your way, and you’d want to make sure that you will still get a good night’s sleep even if it’s cold. You can always cover yourself up with thick socks, sweaters, and blankets to keep you warm. Down quits are the real solution to keeping you warm in the winter time. A down comforter is made up of down feathers which are the undercoat of a bird’s feather. The down feathers make a quilt fluffy, soft and warm.
If you are gearing to buy down feather comforters for your home to get the family ready for the chilling season, here are some of the main features that you should look for in a quality down comforter.


In buying new down feather comforters, it is always best to decide on what your budget is. To be able to determine your budget, you must also decide on how long you will be using the comforter. Usually, a feather down comforter is priced around to 100. If you plan to use the quilt longer, it will be better to buy a more expensive one as it is softer and lighter. Furthermore, the size, fill type and the fill power of the comforter will also add to the price.


Knowing the measurement of your bed is the best way to determine the size of the comforter you should be getting. It is critical you get the right size so you can maximize usage of the comforter. Down feather comforters also come in different bed sizes so that consumers won’t have a hard time looking for the right size. If you want added warmth, you can choose a bigger comforter size for your bed, this way, the extra part of the bedding will hang around the sides of the bed and will keep you insulated.

Fill Type

With a down comforter, it is best that you get one made from pure duck or goose down feathers. Some bedding makers add synthetic feathers to add to the bulk and weight of the comforter but they do not add to the softness of the quilt at all. Feathers from the breast of the birds are softest to use in quilts. Nonetheless, you must know that the more down feathers you have for your comforter, the more expensive it will be.

Fill Power

Fill power relates to the capacity of the comforter to hold as many feathers as possible. It means that the more fill power the comforter has, the more feathers it can hold. It also means that you will be more insulated and there will be more warmth produced from the comforter. It is important to note that the fill power for a duck’s down feather is different from a goose’s down feather. Normally, feathers from a goose are bigger.
Now, you know the most important factors to consider when buying down feather comforters; you can now make sure that you won’t have sleepless nights during the winter season.